Word & Pen’s 30th Anniversary Celebration a Success!

Word & Pen’s 30th Anniversary celebration drew a joyful gathering of twelve members and friends–Trish Propson, Mary Van Deraa, Kathi Bloy, Kris Okin, Judi Scherkinbach, Marilyn Hein, Rebecca Reinhart, Chris Stratton, Donna Lohry, Diane Pulda, Ruth Schmeckpeper, and Beth Ziarnik.

Several of those present read pieces of their writings. All present shared memories of how they first came to Word & Pen.  For many, it was the same. Someone had invited them.

Amid laughter and sincere appreciation, one member was heard to remark, “I need to come more often!”

While we enjoyed the evening’s delicious refreshments, Facilitator Chris Stratton read messages of congratulations from some past members:

  • “Happy 30th Anniversary. Greetings to the best writers in the Fox Valley! Congratulations to this long-lasting group. May God bless you with many publications for the glory of God!” ~ Lois Wiederhoeft, member since September 1986.
  • “I would love to attend, but I will be out of town. Have a great reunion!” ~ Don Derozier, past president.
  • “Thank you for the invitation to Word & Pen’s anniversary celebration. What fun it would be to see you all and reconnect after all these years! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. Blessings to you all!” ~ Linda DeVries, past president
  • “Thanks for the heads-up about Word & Pen’s anniversary. I can’t make the meeting, but it was nice hearing from you. Take care and have fun!”~Ann C.
  • “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join you. Have a meaningful evening!”~ Marge Tuxen
  • “Congratulations to all involved! Enjoy the celebration!”~ Kim Cowling
  • “Thank you for your warm invitation to your special meeting. I would love to be with  all you inspiring ladies, but it is little far for me to travel. Wish many more anniversaries for you writers. God bless you!” ~ Peggy Fischer
  • “Have a great party. I will be thinking of you with joy in my heart and a song of praise on my lips for everyone in attendance. God bless!” ~ Tena Klessig
  • “Thank you so much for the invite. I was at the last reunion, and it was really fun. Have a great celebration. Best Wishes.” ~ Mary Ellevold
  • “Congratulations to all involved! Enjoy the celebration!” ~ Kim Cowling

Renewing her membership, Judi Scherkenbach remarked, “As we begin another 30  years at Word & Pen, I definitely want to be a part. Thank you for keeping me ‘plugged’ in.”

About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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2 Responses to Word & Pen’s 30th Anniversary Celebration a Success!

  1. I just read this, after we got off the phone. I enjoyed reading from everyone who could not be there. I sure hope to get there for a Summer meeting. Lois

    • We, too, sure enjoyed hearing from those who could not make the celebration, Lois, and it’s not too late for others to chime in by leaving a comment.Looking forward to seeing you at a meeting when you can make it!

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