Story Telling Highlights Featured at April 2015 Word & Pen Meeting

Our April 13 meeting couldn’t have been better! Members present included: Kathi, Marilyn, Kris, Trish, Diane, Rebecca, Deb, Ruth, Chris, and Beth.

Chris provided refreshments that included cheese & sausage, crackers, and finger cake. Kathi provided bottled water. All of which we enjoyed as the meeting progressed.

Using a four-page handout, Marilyn Hein shared the highlights of “We All Have a Story to Tell” from the recent Dan Allender conference she attended. Her excellent educational not only enhanced our grasp of writing stories, but also deepened our understanding of our own life stories. As a result, we enjoyed a most lively and productive discussion!

Beth’s devotional revealed God’s 27 commands to “Write!” as found in His Word. Did you know that he told his people to write in the following genres: story, book, godly living, song, birth announcement, prophesy, technical writing, and letters? “From letters to books and all things in between,” she added, “in print and on the Internet, God is telling his people to ‘Write!’ Write to encourage, uplift, instruct, and warn.” The inspirational piece ended with the prayer, “Lord, what are you telling me to write today? No matter what  the genre, may my writing bless your name and further your kingdom here on earth.”

During our Accountability Roundtable, several members also read pieces, with Diane and Kris sharing delightful poems they had written using this month’s prompt.

We’re now looking forward to next month’s meeting on May 11!




About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at,, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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4 Responses to Story Telling Highlights Featured at April 2015 Word & Pen Meeting

  1. I can’t imagine any Word or Pen meeting being boring. Keep up the good work.

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