Another Enjoyable Meeting of Word & Pen Christian Writers

Ten members and one guest gathered on Monday, June 8 for another enjoyable meeting of Word & Pen Christian Writers. After Deb Schauland opened with prayer, Diane Pulda inspired us by read her original piece, “Our God Is a Personal God,” based on Psalm 139:1-14, New International Version.

For the sake of our guest, Nan, who is a friend of Kathi Bloy, we each introduced ourselves by name and hometown. Members present were: Marge, Ruth, Chris, Marilyn, Deb, Diane, Matthew, Rebecca, Kathi, and Beth.

Kathi then offered us an interesting educational titled “Snarly Words”–ones that can trip up writers. First, we took a fun test, giving each of the nineteen word pairs our best guess. No pressure as there were no grades. Then we discussed each and came away with a better understanding of how to distinguish the use of each. Thanks to Kathi, those words are a lot less snarly now.

Next came our accountability rounds, with each revealing what we accomplished with our writing since our last meeting and some reading short pieces–our own or other’s. Chris wrote a delightful piece on the month of June (her favorite month). Marilyn read her fascinating greeting card, “Hearts Unfolding,” and told us about its development. Rebecca read the introduction to a speech she is writing in connection with her book. Beth read a thought-provoking piece in The Christian Communicator (March 2015) titled “Quick Ideas for Christian Writers” by Carolyn Bolz.

Deb closed the meeting with prayers for those who requested them, and as usual, we had a hard time leaving one another until our next month’s meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 13.


About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at,, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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