An Evening of Blessings at the July Meeting of Word & Pen Christian Writers

Last Monday night, nine members and one guest enjoyed another great meeting of Word & Pen Christian Writers. Sorry if you missed it. In attendance were Marge, Judi, Ruth, Rebecca, Chris, Deb, Diane, Kathi, Beth, and Kathi’s guest Pedar (pronounced Peter).

Ruth served red grapes and a variety of cheesecakes along with bottled water. She also opened the meeting with prayer. Chris then inspired us by reading a devotional selection from Words to Write By.

Beth shared her educational titled, “A Walk through Write-To-Publish 2015.” The handout included words of wisdom and encouragement from the several general sessions, a panel, and the banquet, including:

  • Dr. Dennis Hensley on the reality of success in a writer’s world
  • Daniel Darling’s plenary talks on “Am I Called to Write?” . . . “What to Do When You’re Waiting” . . . “How Can I Leverage My Influence (in a God-honoring way)?
  • A panel of professional authors on “Thriving and Surviving as a Freelancer”
  • Karen Porter on overcoming four giants intent on the destruction of our writing–the Giant of Discouragement, the Giant of Defeat, the Giant of Harassment and Excuses, and the Giant of Self.

Beth also passed around the books and CDs she purchased at Write-To-Publish:

  • The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events: Tips and Tolls for Bookselling Success by Carol Hoenig (iUniverse Star)
  • The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015-16: Everything You Need to Get Published edited by Jerry B. Jenkins (Thomas Nelson)
  • The Dance of Character & Plot by Diann Mills (Bold Vision Books)
  • The Productive Writer: Tips and Tools to Help You Write More, Stree Less & Create Success by Sage Cohen (Writers Digest)
  • Step By Step Pitches & Proposals: A Workbook for Writers by Chip MacGregor with Holly Lorincz (The Benchmark Press)
  • WTP workshop CD: “18 Rules for Improving Your Writing” by Dr. Dennis Hensley
  • WTP workshop CD: “How to Jump-Start Your Speaking Ministry” by Dr. Rob Currie
  • WTP workshop CD: “Shameless Self-Promotion for Writers” by Torry Martin
  • WTP workshop CD: “Write Fresh to Catch Editors’ Attentions” by Erin Taylor Young

We then went into our round table, sharing what we did this past month and reading selections. Marge had taken up Chris’s challenge to “Write a Blessing Note” and touched our hearts. Our Guest Pedar introduced himself by giving us a moving testimonial on his journey to writing and publication despite his lifelong dyslexia problem and how the Lord helped him to overcome that challenge.

As our evening’s hostess, Ruth closed the meeting with prayer in answer to the expressed needs of members and others.

About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at,, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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