Word & Pen Writers Meeting Info for Oct 10

autumn-leaves-with-heartNo doubt you all keep your own calendar with important dates like Word and Pen’s meetings, so that my reminder notice is just a little extra ink on the page. I hope so, anyway. Know, then, that Word and Pen Christian Writers will gather at
7 p.m., on Monday night, October 10, at St. Thomas Episcopalian
Church lounge in Menasha. Yeah, I know that’s not much notice.

  • Kris Orkin is doing the devotional
  • Beth Ziarnik is taking care of the educational on
    “7 Ways to Prayer Power Your Writing”
  • Marge Tuxen is in charge of the goodies.

As usual, each person is welcome to read aloud one page of writing during our accountability round.

If a “what to write” nudge is useful for you, write about color. This is a good month to think color; we see it out our window every day. It could be the trees changing in the autumn, or the red of an embarrassing moment, or delve into some of the racial issues in the news. A topic like color is wide open for interpretation.

Guest are always welcome. Everyone, please let us know your attendance plans. Please hit “comment” now.

See you in a few days,

About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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