February Word & Pen Meeting

Have you noticed that daylight lasts about an hour longer now? The sun is alive and giving us light for at least one more  go-around.

Now what about us? How is the Son alive and giving light in our own particular daily world?

winter-sunshineMore particularly–are you writing?

I admit to laxness this past month. Too much other living-life distractions. Well, that’s why we get together every month–to be accountable, to learn, to have fellowship, and to encourage one another.

Consequently, I invite you to come to the writers’ gathering on Monday night, February 13, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Menasha. Come at 7:00 p.m., enter through the back door (by the ramp), and walk straight ahead to the lounge.

Here’s the plan:

  • a devotional offered by Kathi
  • yummy treats prepared by Beth
  • educational presented by me (Chris) on “Building a Character”

I love to make up characters and hope to share that joy with you. At least I’ve got some good ideas and expect to get them in presentable order by next week.

Everyone is invited to bring a one-page piece of writing to share in the accountability round. (This is an optional activity but much appreciated.)

As for this month’s writing prompt (if you need one), try developing something about this scenario: The girl on the bus stared out the window. Tears streamed down her face. What did she see?

We do like to know how many members and guests to expect, so please let us know your attendance plans. Hit the comment button now, and I hope you say you can come! Guests are always welcome.

See you next Monday evening, February 13 at 7:00 p.m. Meetings last till 9:00.


About Beth Ann Ziarnik

Author of Inspirational Romantic Suspense Her Deadly Inheritance available at Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and through your local bookstore.
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1 Response to February Word & Pen Meeting

  1. Deborah Schauland says:

    Beautiful invite:) I’ll be joining you on Monday. I’m looking forward to it!Deb

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